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Qolsys Packages and Add-on Devices


Basic Security


Security + Doorbell Camera


Security + Doorbell + Lock

Top 5 Add-on Devices

Qolsys Glass Break Detector

Monitors for the sound of breaking glass.

Qolsys Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every home and business should have a CO detector. Required by most building codes.

Qolsys Smoke Detector

This sensor is designed to provide protection within a 35 foot radius of the unit.

Qolsys Medical Alert Pendant

Transmits an Emergency signal from any location within radio frequency (RF) range of the control panel. Doorbell Camera

Speak to visitors via 2-way audio. Record doorbell triggered clips


The IQ Mini DW-S is an ultra compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the IQ Panel 2.

IQ Mini-S Door/Window Sensor - White

The IQ Mini-S is an ultra compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the IQ Panel 2.  Using proprietary S-Line encryption technology,

IQ Mini-S Door/Window Sensor - Brown

The IQ Motion-S is an encrypted PIR that is as powerful as it is affordable.

IQ Motion Detector S-Line with Pet Immunity

The Qolsys QS1431-840 IQ GLASS-S Glass Break Sensor is specially designed to protect you if an intruder tries to break-in through a window.

IQ Glass Break Detector Encrypted S-Line

IQ S-Line Remote Alarm Keyfob

 whether your system is armed or not. The IQ Smoke detects the presence of smoke using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and conforms to UL 217.

IQ Smoke Detector Photo-Electric

IQ CO Carbon Monoxide Detector

IQ Medical Emergency Pendant

Video Cameras

Wifi Indoor Camera

Wifi Outdoor Camera

POE Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Bullet Camera

Doorbell Camera (750)

Doorbell Camera (770)

Doorbell Camera (780)

Chime for Doorbell

Energy Devices

ADC Smart Thermostat HD 

ADC Smart Thermostat T2000

ADC Smart Thermostat T3000

ADC Temperature Sensor