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2GIG Control Panels


2GIG Edge Security Panel


2GIG Edge Remote Panel


Thin Door/Window Contact is designed for use on doors, windows, and other objects that open and close.

2GIG Door/Window Sensor 2GIG-DW10E-345

2GIG Passive Infrared Motion Detector.

2GIG Infrared Motion Detector 2GIG-PIR1E-345

2GIG Glass Break Detector 2GIG-GB1E-345

2GIG Smoke, Heat & Freeze Sensor 2GIG-SMKT8E-345

2GIG 4-Button Keyfob Remote Disarms system. Auxiliary output and emergency functions.

2GIG Key Fob Remote 4-Button 2GIG-KEY2E-345

The sensor is designed for applications where the tilt status of an asset, such as a garage door needs to be monitored.

2GIG Tilt Sensor 2GIG-TILT1E-345

Video Surveillance

Indoor Camera

Outdoor Camera

POE Outdoor Camera

POE Outdoor Turret Camera

Doorbell Camera (750)

Doorbell Camera (770)

Doorbell Camera (780)

Chime for Doorbell Cameras

Energy Devices

ADC Smart Thermostat HD 

ADC Smart Thermostat T2000

ADC Smart Thermostat T3000

ADC Temperature Sensor